Rihanna steals the show at FYF Fest

Love him or hate, you have to admit that Kanye West knows how to put on a show. Kanye was one of the stars of FYF Fest, which was held in Los Angeles this past weekend. One of the most memorable moments of the entire festival was when Kanye, taking a page out of Taylor Swift’s book, was able to get Rihanna, who was in enjoying the show from the audience at the time, to sing the hook to “FourFiveSeconds”.

The crowd understandably went wild the minute Rihanna started singing. Perhaps sensing the crowd’s enthusiasm, Kanye later brought Rihanna up on stage to sing “All of the Lights”. There is a chance this was all staged and Rihanna was going to be part of Kanye’s show from the beginning, but this seems unlikely.

According to Billboard, “West seemed to find Rihanna in the audience during his set and crew passed her a mic to accompany on the song’s chorus”. Rihanna also didn’t seem like she was planning on performing, as Vanity Fair points out that as she was dressed in an oversized hoodie with a low-key ponytail.

Whether it was staged or not, one thing remains clear – Rihanna and Kanye stole the show.